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Diamond NMN LIV

Diamond NMN LIV

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Towards a 100-Year Life

Harvard-Inspired Innovative Formula
Highly favored by celebrities and athletes, the revolutionary new formula has arrived.

    •    99% Pure Domestic “NMN” with 240% Increased Dosage! (300mg/day)
    •    Next-Generation Anti-Aging Solution, Focusing on Accumulated “Aging Cells”
    •    Early Application of the Popular “Exosome” in Supplements
    •    Includes Hydrogen, Silica, Probiotics, and Japanese Herbal Extracts

An Executive-Grade NMN Supplement with 10 Unique Ingredients to Boost Your Core Health:

    •    DIAMOND NMN BLEND 18,210mg!
    •    9000mg of Japanese-made NMN, used in university research papers.
    •    Includes “PUA Exosome” developed from advanced Japanese beauty technology.
    •    Protective probiotics selected by Morinaga Milk.
    •    Hydrogen-generating powder that reacts with body moisture.
    •    Japanese herbal extracts like long pepper, clove, and kudzu for vitality.
    •    Fisetin (leaf extract) to support an ageless body.
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