terms of service

Body Mente Co., Ltd.(The following is called "our company")Is operated by the CompanyBDMRegarding the use of "online store"

The following terms are determined as follows.


First1Article (definition)

In these Terms, the terms described in the following items are used in the following sense.

 「BDM"Online Store" is the information provided by the product or service, and online.

A system with a product or service provision function, based on these Terms

A site operated on the Internet.


What is "user"?BDMThose who access the online store.


"This service" is based on these Terms.BDMFor those who use the online store

The services provided, the contents and types of services are our unique.

Changes and decrease will be performed at any time due to judgment, and the notification will be as needed.

BDMIt is displayed on the online store, or through e -mail and other communication means

I will do it.


Article 2 (Areas and changes of the terms)

These Terms shall apply to the Company and users regarding the use of this service.

UsersBDMWhen using the online store, we shall comply with these agreements in good faith.


Our company separatelyBDMDefined by posting or other methods on the online store

Part of these agreements for individual regulations and additional provisions to notify users at any time.


If the individual and additional provisions are different from these Terms, the individual and additional provisions

We shall give priority.


We may change these terms at our own judgment without the consent of the user.

I have. in this case,BDMThe terms of use of services provided by the online store are changed

It shall be based on the Terms of Use. The change is addressed to the address notified in advance.

e-mail,BDMOthers that we recognize as appropriate by the Company or Others online Store

It will be effective from the time you notify it by the method.


If the user is disadvantaged or damaged by the change of the terms,

We shall not be responsible.


Article 3 (User status and restrictions)

User status


 BDMIn the online store, users will enjoy one of the services provided

At the time (the enjoyment here, including the viewing of the information), agreement with these Terms

It was regarded as what was done, at the same timeBDMStatus as a user in the online store

I will get something.


Restrictions on users


Users shall not do the following acts:


(1) BDMBy method other than the method specified by the online storeBDMActs that use online stores.


(2) Acts that spose and use this service as others.


(3) BDMLinks related to this service in a way other than acknowledging the online store,

Acts specified for other data, etc.


(4) BDMUnauthorized access to the data stored in a computer that uses the online store,

Or an act that may be destroyed or destroyed.


(5) An act that hinders the operation of this service.


(6) The purpose of sales activities using this service, the use for the purpose of profit, and preparations

Use it. However, this is not the case if we have approved separately.


(7) Collecting and accumulating personal information of other users, or doing these acts

Trying to do.


(8) An act that is contrary to public order and morals and other acts against other domestic and overseas laws.


First4Article (interruption of this service, stop)

If we fall under any of the following reasons, at our own judgment,

Seminated part or all of this service without notifying the user in advance,

Or it may stop.


(1) Periodically inspected, system maintenance and update for this service

When performing urgently.


(2) When it is difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, or natural disaster.


(3) When the mission of the Type 1 Telecommunications carrier is not provided.


(4) In addition, operations or technical workers have temporarily suspended or stopped this service.

It is difficult to provide this service due to necessary or unexpected circumstances.

If you judge.


The Company is a user or due to a temporary interruption or suspension of the provision of this service.

Having any disadvantages or damage to third parties regardless of the reason

I will not be imposed.


Article 5 (about handling links)


 BDMLinks to other sites from various services provided by online stores,

If a third party offers a link to other sites, weBDMOther than online store

We are not responsible for the site.

In this case, it is comprehensive on the site and can be used on the site.

We are not responsible for content, advertising, products, services, etc. as well.

We are caused by those content, advertising, products, services, etc.

We are not responsible for compensation for all damages caused.



Article 6 (copyright))

Users do not obtain the consent of the right holder, in any wayBDMThrough the online store

Any information provided also exceeds the range of private use of individual users specified by the Copyright Act.

It cannot be used for duplication, sales, publishing, and other purposes.


The user does not obtain the consent of the right holder, but is a third party in any way.

 BDMUse or disclose any information provided through the online store

I can't do that.


If a problem occurs in violation of the rules of this Article, the user is in his own responsibility and expenses.

The problem shall be solved and the company does not cause any nuisance or damage to the Company.


Article 7(Liability)

Providing, delay, change, interrupt, stop, stop, abolish, provide this service

Users or other users that occurred in connection with this service, etc.

The Company shall not be liable for any damages of a third party.

However, the personal information registered through this service shall be separately determined.

According to "Handling of personal information".


If the user damages a third party by using this service, the user is self

It shall be resolved with responsibility and expenses and will not cause damage to the Company.

Users damages the Company due to acts that violate these Terms, or illegal or illegal

If given, the Company shall be able to request the user for damages appropriately.


Article 8 (Privacy Policy)

Management of user information that users can know in connection with the use of this service by users and

The handling shall be due to the privacy policy separately specified by the Company.


Article 9 (compliant law)

The Japanese National Law shall apply to the establishment, effect, and interpretation of these Terms.


Article 10 (jurisdiction)

In the event that a dispute occurs in these Terms, the district court that has jurisdiction over the location of our head office.

It is an exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.