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NMN supplement that considers healthy life expectancy for pets.

He said that he rejuvenated a 60 -year -old mouse who was a human age to 20 years old
"NMN" was announced at Harvard University and Washington University

Contains this next -generation health ingredient "NMN" and hydrogen, coq10, and inulin.
A serious aging care supplement for an important family.

I want you to live a long time, packed that feeling.

Great attention in the NHK special feature!
A 60 -year -old old mouse
It's a hot topic that you have rejuvenated until 20 years old
Focusing on the next -generation ingredient "NMN"
"Inulin", which prepares an intestinal environment that is indispensable for health,
Hydrogen -generated component "Hydro Sirica" ​​for relieving pain in the joints, etc.,
Support component "CoQ10", etc. that can move well
Healthy life expectancy of your dog who is an important family
It is a revolutionary product that supports firmly.
● How to give your dog and your cat
Mix it once or twice a day with your usual meal.


Estimated amount to give
Weight -around 5kg ... 1 cup of small saji / time
Weight to around 10kg ... 1-2 teaspoons / times
Weight to around 20kg ... 3-4 teaspoons / times
(5kg 40 days, 10kg 20 days, 20kg for 10 days)

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