Layer 1 Stock Cocktail Essence [Human Umbilical Ceremony Top Culture Type Sprinkle Red + NMN + Fulleren]

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Over the human stem cell culture solution!
Human umbilical cord blood cell culture It is a special care essence manufactured by 100%primary solution.

98 % undiluted cocktail prescription that does not dilute with water is very popular!
Human umbilical cord blood cell culture is a beauty solution made by culturing the youngest blood cells in human life.
It is a source of powerful vitality, and is a serum that prevents dry wrinkles due to moisturizing and moisturizing the stratum corneum.

In addition, the next -generation ingredient "NMN", "Fulleren", which is 172 times more powerful of 11 -hour and vitamin C, Nobel Prize -winning ingredients "EGF" and "FGF", and the hottest skin ingredient "Niasin Aimide". Combined without! !

★Recommended for such people★
① Those who are worried about wrinkles on the skin
② Those who tend to disturb the skin of the skin
③ Those who are worried about skin stains
④ Those who want the energy and youthfulness of the skin
⑤ Those who have noticeable pores on the skin

(All components) Sato caedipede tree, damask rose flower water, human umbilical cord blood cell culture, whisper, bg, glycerin, nicotine amid anonnunculotide, niacin aamide, bench -lens recall, human genetic modification oligopeptide 1, water -based lecithine, cholesterol, cisantangum , Cocoyl psychosine, ethanol, water, human gene polypeptide 11, polyocta 251, acetyl glycosamine, pvp, polygritamic acid, ceramide NP, ceramide AP, ceramide NG, phytologols, phytologols, lecitin, 1, 1. . 2 Heki Sanji, Tricoferrol, Fenoxyethanol, Glyco Siltre Halose, hydrolyzed hydrolyzed dick, sorbitol

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