Diamond NMN LIV

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Innovation Harvard type prescription.
Including "NMN + hydrogen / silicon + lactic acid bacteria"
With 10 unique ingredients
An executive NMN supplement that increases the basic power of the body.
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100 years of life
Travel together
Aging Care*- Partners.

I want to spend the precious time of my life longer and richer.We have completed DIAMOND NMN with the wish for youth and health in the "eternity" of a diamond that continues to shine.It is not just a dream to extend healthy life expectancy, but to turn it into a reality.Snuggle up to your side and support the future.

* Care with age-appropriate nutrition

The Harvard Formula of Innovation

Using precious domestic NMN with a purity of 99.9% that was made by repeated filtration many times by a time-consuming and costly yeast extraction method.Based on Harvard University's academic papers, it contains 10 unique ingredients, including hydrogen-generating materials, silicon, shield lactic acid bacteria, and Hibatsu extract, in a golden ratio.I will cheer aging care * from various angles

* Care with age-appropriate nutrition

10 kinds of power to cooperate and protect

It is an executive specification supplement that luxuriously blends 10 kinds of materials such as NMN, hydrogen, and silicon.It is a special formula for those who capital the body, supported by managers and professional athletes who fight every day.

"NMN" alone is difficult to feel the "difference", DIAMOND NMN that contains 10 kinds of health ingredients in the golden ratio is convincing."NMN", which is too little or not enough, and too much, but is worried about unnecessary burden, was formulated in the optimal balance based on clinical trials currently announced.

Super GT500 Racer

In a race that exceeds 300 km/ h, the eyes are life.Also, reflexes and muscles that can withstand harsh G's are important.SINCE I STARTED DRINKING DIAMOND NMN LIV, I feel it has BEEN best USED TO support me IN HARSH DRIVING ENVIRONMENTS.

HAYATO-sama (43)
HAYATO GYM Former K1 fighter

Kickboxing is a game with a body that is narrowed down to the limit.Not only the strength of the muscles, but also the lightness of the body that can move quickly are required for severe.After taking DIAMOND NMN LIV, I feel that it is an optimized care supplement based on the experience of body・building professionals who have succeeded in training and weight loss.

Director of Beauty Company

The number 1 thing that I feel in the change since I started drinking is that I get the vitality to work hard for the day.When I was 50 years old, I was working every day without feeling relaxed, but thanks to this supplement, I was able to face my work with a refreshing feeling and it was very helpful.

Chikusa Kondo (49)

NMN is a type of vitamin B3, a substance that is indispensable for energy production, which exists in all living things and is generated naturally in the body. NAD decreased with age, and in middle age in their 40s and 50s, they are about half in their 20s. I love Diamond NMN LIV with overall power.

Quality control of Japan Made

Because it is in your mouth, highly safe ones are good. There is no need for extra things that burden the body. It was simple, but I worked on it seriously.

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